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Customize your shape with the seamless QDE Wrap Waistband Shaper for a total figure transformation!

The multifunctional QDE Wrap Waistband Shaper easily wraps around your abdomen and waist to instantly flatten your belly, reduce waist size, support your back, improve posture and relieve lower back pain. Also provides support during post-partum recovery and accelerates fat burning during exercise due to thermal activity.

  • The Wrap Waistband Shaper is available in 3 lengths and long enough to cover the waist and abdomen.
  • You can freely adjust the tightness.
  • Can be combined with a healthy diet and appropriate exercise to help reduce your waist and belly size.
  • Made of 35% Latex and 65% polyester to be comfortable to wear all day long.
  • Advice is to hand wash and air dry the QDE Wrap Waistband Shaper to maintain quality.
  • Whether you are recovering postpartum, want to wear the band during exercise or under your clothes, the QDE Wrap Waistband Shaper is lightweight, breathable and stays in place no matter what you do.

Available in the color black.

Available in 3 length sizes:

4 meters long (fits size S, M, L)
5 meters long (fits size S, M, L)
6 meters long (suitable for size L, XL, 2XL)






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