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The QDE Surgery box Premium, the perfect item filled with high quality products for use during the post-operative period after a cosmetic procedure.

For a flawless recovery after Liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift or tummy tuck.

The Surgery Box Premium, offers efficient and high-quality post-operative products to ensure you a comfortable healing process.

Selected products for a successful postoperative recovery

Surgery Box Premium:

  1. QDE BBL pillow
  2. Medical grade Lipofoam – 3 sheets
  3. MariaE Abdominal Flex Board
  4. MyD Backboard
  5. TED Anti-thrombosis sleeves – length (*customized)
  6. 21 pieces of Anti-leak mats /Chuxpads
  7. 1 box of bandage gauze 10 x 10
  8. 1 roll of surgical sutures
  9. 3 packs of large pads
  10. Spirometer
  11. Pee funnel
  12. 1 bottle of 500 ml Hibiscrub (antibacterial washing gel to be used before surgery)
  13. 1 jar 50 ml Centella Asiactica scar cream

A voucher of 10% discount on a stage 2 Faja of your choice from our range.

These products fall under the Dutch Hygiene Law. After receipt the order is final and can not be returned.


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