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Sleep or relax comfortably after your BBL surgery with the QDE BBL Air Mattress!

After a BBL you can lie on your stomach, kneel or stand, but lying comfortably on your back without damaging your fat cells would also be wonderful. With the BBL Air Mattress this is now possible and you can sleep comfortably or lie relaxed, but also give your neck and back a break.

  • The BBL Air Mattress is recommended for people who measure less than 53.5 cm across the widest point of their hips.
  • If you are going to use the BBL Air Mattress, make sure someone is with you to support you the first few times.
  • Inflate the BBL Air Mattress with the included electric inflation pump.
  • Let some air out of the BBL Air Mattress to allow for a larger hole.
  • To make the hole smaller, inflate the BBL Air Mattress more or cushion the hole with pillows or place a sheet over the entire BBL Air Mattress.
  • It is normal for the BBL Air Mattress to lose some air within 24 hours. It may be necessary to slightly inflate the BBL Air Mattress once a day or once a week, depending on the fluctuating temperature in your home.
  • Unique model which is easy to carry.

This product falls under the Dutch Hygiene Legislation. When breaking the seal after receipt, the order is final and unfortunately can not be returned.



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