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Create the perfect shape and prevent fluid build-up in the lower back with the Backboard from MyD!

The MyD Backboard is worn post-operatively and is an essential tool after liposuction and/or BBL.

Its anatomical shape defines and shapes the lumbar area. Its constant use prevents fluid retention in the lower back area and aids in the postoperative process.

  • The Backboard is worn on the back under a post-operative Faja and is the best alternative when you need additional back support after cosmetic surgery.
  • It is designed to get the skin back to the muscle, the skin does not fold, retain moisture or become irritated.
  • The board has soft seams that do not damage the skin and protect the back.
  • The design conforms to the figure.
  • It provides comfort during the recovery process and is an essential addition to post-operative success.
  • Made of Polystyrene, a breathable and sturdy material with an inner layer of hypoallergenic cotton.

Dimensions: 31.5 length x 23.3 width.




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