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The MYD Lipo BBL Combination Package contains the products needed after Liposuction, Lipo-360, Abdominoplasty and/or BBL.

After liposuction or abdominoplasty, you need to recover from pain and swelling. With this in mind, we have put together a combination package for you: A MYD Abdominal Board, a MYD Backboard and 3 sheets of medical grade Lipofoam sheets.

These products will provide comfort and relief after your surgery. Worn in conjunction with a post-operative Faja, these supplies will help prevent fluid build-up.

MYD BACKBOARD: After Liposuction/BBL surgery, this backboard will be your best ally. The backboard provides back support, protects the skin and aids in the recovery process. Made of breathable polystyrene with a sturdy inner layer of hypoallergenic cotton. it will make you feel comfortable and speed up the healing process.

MYD BUTTERFLY ABBOARD: The Abdominal board is a compression board that is worn on the abdomen after liposuction or tummy tuck. (After a tummy tuck, you should not use this board until your incisions are completely closed!) Because of its shape, it will completely cover your abdomen. The board allows you to move freely, avoids skin folds, reduces swelling and prevents fluid retention.

QDE MEDICAL QUALITY LIPOFOAM SKIN: These post-operative foam sheets are made of medical grade polyurethane. Feel super soft and can be easily bent to fit you perfectly. It helps create a soft barrier between the compression garment and sensitive skin. Can also be worn on the abdomen under the Abdominal Board and on the sides of your waist. Can also be cut to size.

Package includes:

1 MYD Backboard ML-003 (Dimensions: 31.5 length x 23.3 width.)
1 MYD Butterfly Abboard Myd-0105 (Dimensions: length 32.5 cm x width 30 cm)
3 QDE Medical grade Lipofoam sheets.

Purchased in combination as a package is price advantage!


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